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The Solution

For Damage-Free Roll-Formed Roofing Panel Transportation!

Bundle with Shrikes WEB.png

What is the correct name for those wood blocks used to stack bundles of roofing panels?

Blocking? …Chocks? …Chalks? …Dunnage? …Runners? 

We’re not sure either. To date, the industry has not found a universal name. However, we know the issues created by using them. Scratches. Rub marks. Paint rubbed off. Squished ribs on small bundles. Call backs. Delivering replacement panels…


Shrikes™ are a new product designed to replace the wood blocks, enabling you to deliver bundles damage-free. Shrike™ A and Shrike™ R are designed to fit over the panel rib profile. This transfers the weight to the flats of the panel rather than to the tops of the ribs. The sturdy, reinforced design made from polyethylene eliminates scratches and rub-through marks, which can occur even on wrapped bundles. The profile cutout on each end of the Shrike™ is designed with a convex to hold the tie down straps securely in place. UV inhibitors ensure your investment will work hard and last long.

Panel A WEB.png
Panel R Web.png

Shrike A

This heavy duty polyethylene 
Shrike™ is used with the standard 9 inch on-center agricultural (AG) or residential metal panels.
Size: 3.5 x 3 x 41.5 inches

Shrike R

This heavy duty polyethylene 
Shrike™ is used with the R or PBR panel.
Size: 3.5 x 3.5 x 41.5 inches

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