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Roof Accesories as Unique as You

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Discovery Membranes

 the Perfect Match for Metal Roofs.

European made, the strong, three layer waterproof membrane with high vapor permeability uses natural substances to create strong UV protection. Discovery can be left exposed for up to three months. Contact us to discover how Discovery membranes can provide protection for your customers.

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Formaflex 3D

Formaflex 3D is a unique flashing designed to be extremely flexible to fit tightly around any shape. Made from EPDM rubber with an embedded aluminum mesh and high-quality butyl glued over the entire width, it is the answer for those hard-to-seal areas. Formaflex can be used as a stand-alone flashing, providing the top edge is covered when used on vertical surfaces, or can be used as a sealing tape underneath rigid color matched trim. Formaflex comes in rolls 11.8" wide x 16.4' long in a charcoal gray color.

Chimney and Curb Flashing


Hip & Ridge Ventilation



Tech-Vent is designed with painted corrugated aluminum on each side with a highly permeable, UV resistant, strong fabric sewn in-between. It offers excellent airflow while providing maximum protection from precipitation getting inside. A strip of high-quality butyl tape along each side adheres the vent tightly to any shape. Tech-Vent comes in rolls 11.8" wide x 16.4' long.


Bird Control

Birds messing with you? This is for the birds! All stainless-steel spikes with an easy to install polycarbonate base with UV protection will last for years to keep birds off your 'No Bird Parking' areas. They can be easily attached anywhere with screws. Or for protection along rain gutters, use our easy to install gutter grips with no tools required. We stock two types of bird control, the Gecko BS and the wider offset base Gecko S.

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Gecko S

Gecko BS

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